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Innovation and excellence in education

Each year the WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) Awards give a shout out to projects that have succeeded in addressing educational challenges. Here’s a look at the six winners for 2016.

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Bringing classroom discussions to life

Robust classroom discussions require careful planning, clear purpose, strong question design, and meaningful connections to ensure they have a lasting impact beyond the classroom. Dr Hilary Hollingsworth explains.


The Research Files Ep 23: Bias in grading

Are teachers ever influenced by bias when it comes to grading student work? This is the focus of a new report from researchers at the University of New England. Professor John Malouff joins Teacher to discuss the findings.

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How to stop teachers leaving the profession

Teacher attrition and retention continues to be a problem for education systems around the world. Two studies published this month in Australia and the UK shed further light on the issue.

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Educators share advice with their peers

Our annual Teacher survey asked readers the question: ‘Looking back on your experience as an educator, if you could share one piece of advice with your peers, what would it be?’ Here’s a selection.

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How are you using Teacher content?

In our annual Teacher survey, we encouraged educators to tell us how they’re using our articles, videos, podcasts and infographics in their role. Hundreds of you shared your insights. Here’s a selection.


Infographic: School completion

A recent study looked at the number of young people in Australia completing Year 12 or equivalent (Certificate III or higher) by the age of 19. Here are some of the findings.


Teaching Methods: Engineering Part 2

Professor Lyn English chats to Teacher Editor Jo Earp about the Engineering Design Process learning framework, the steps involved in the process, and the role of the teacher in scaffolding learning.

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Accessing and recording professional learning

A new report explores how teachers are accessing professional learning, how it’s impacting on their practice, and some of the challenges in meeting the requirements.

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Informing practice with strong evidence

School leaders face numerous challenges on a daily basis. To choose wisely in the face of such challenges, John Bush explores why school leaders should look to high quality evidence to support their professional judgement.

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Julia Gillard – why education cannot wait

In her first article for Teacher magazine, Julia Gillard outlines the priorities of the new Education Cannot Wait campaign and calls on Australian educators to lend their expertise to the cause.

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Infographic: Pre-service teacher preparation

In a recent infographic, we looked at data on Principals’ perceptions of the preparation of recent teacher graduates. This follow-up looks at the views of the teachers themselves.

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Dr Seuss and quality teaching Part 2

Professor Nan Bahr returns to her complete set of 40th anniversary Dr Seuss books to consider the qualities of quality teaching. Part two explores enthusiasm.

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Dr Seuss and quality teaching Part 1

Professor Nan Bahr uses the works of Dr Seuss as a guide through two important personal attributes for teachers. Part 1 explores humour.

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Communicating a school improvement agenda

In this Q&A, Teacher Editor Jo Earp chats to Beth Gilligan, Principal of Dominic College in Tasmania, about her approach to leading and communicating a school improvement agenda.


Using data – targeted maths teaching

This secondary school has moved from a one-size-fits-all approach in maths to data-driven, targeted teaching, and it’s paying dividends. Find out more in today’s video.


Research Files Ep 22: Positive relationships

A new study has found that positive teacher-student relationships at age 10 can significantly reduce problem classroom behaviours, and the effects last for up to four years. Teacher talks to lead author Dr Ingrid Obsuth.

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Visual literacy – questions for your students

This guide, published by UK organisation MESH, poses several pedagogical questions teachers could ask to develop their students’ visual literacy skills.

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