24 January 2017

Play as a vehicle for learning

‘Play is a way for children to learn without realising they’re learning. They’re building those foundational skills through a fun, enjoyable, engaging experience …’

In his latest Teacher video Greg Whitby, Executive Director of Schools in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, speaks to Donna Harding about play-based learning in the early years.

Harding, Director and Educational Leader of the Catholic Early Learning Centre in Blacktown, New South Wales, says: ‘I think there’s a misconception of play as being frivolous activity and of no particular importance, but I think we need to shift the thinking into play as a vehicle for learning for children.’

She also discusses the importance of building relationships between early childhood, primary and secondary settings to support student transitions and create a strong a vibrant education sector. ‘I think we need to come together as a collective of educators, as opposed to saying “I’m an early childhood teacher”, “I’m a primary school teacher” or “I’m a secondary school teacher”.’


How are you building relationships with educators from different schools to support transitions?

As a classroom practitioner or school leader, how are you engaging with parents and families?

When planning play-based activities, what are the foundational skills you want students to develop?

Greg Whitby

Greg Whitby is an Australian educator. He is the Executive Director of Schools in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, NSW. To read more about his views on education, visit http://bluyonder.wordpress.com/

Or, engage with him directly via Twitter: @gregwhitby.


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