Tracey 03 April 2018

Part of the problem is that we’re conflating assesssmsnt, feedback, achievement, progress, reporting, growth, all into one hodgepodge “report”. All have an important and discrete place within the Educational system.

Chris 05 April 2018

I find it intriguing that we have not fully realised the affordance that technology offers in relation to real-time (just in-time) formative assessment practices that research tells us makes a significant impact on student learning (Wiliam, Black, Hattie)
I have a pre-school age child whose school uses a “reporting/communication” tool where daily updates are captured by the educators including work samples, outcomes linked, photos of my child engaged in learning tasks etc. The question remains is traditional (semester) reporting an artefact of a bygone era? If we adopt this type of system, I would say yes.

Gabee Leone 15 April 2018

Ongoing reporting with samples to support, along with indication for future learning is what our parents want! The issue is there is not a reporting package available to suit the schools needs! Effective teaching and learning depends on clarity, ownership & transparency! Rubrics have assisted and supported learning. How can rubric assist reporting?
I agree really understanding progression of learning is integral to reporting!

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