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Infographic: A teacher’s weekly workload

Authors: Jo Earp

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Debra Fischer 18 February 2020

It would be great to add the total hours to this infographic - 52.2 hours. This is significant, since teachers are paid for 38 hours with no overtime. In other words 14.2 hours of unpaid work EVERY week, most of which must be completed at home - either that or work 10 hour days.

Frank Clark 18 February 2020

Further to Debra’s comments, I believe that the 19.9 hours reported teaching time is low. I would like to know if part-time and casual teaching staff were included in this survey as fulltime teachers may be working significantly more hours. A colleague recently observed that most teachers are being paid below $25 p/h, with no overtime etc. I’m sure there 18 year olds working at McDonalds earning the same amount.

Mary Garland 18 February 2020

Is there any chance of us having a comparative table please, so that we can see Australia in relation to other OECD countries? Thanks

Jo Earp 19 February 2020

Hi Mary, as mentioned in the infographic this data is from the Australian report, but the full international report (including all OECD country data) is available from the same site. That report has links to the OECD data online. For Teachers’ working hours it’s ‘Table I.2.27’. Thanks, Jo [Editor].

Jo Earp 19 February 2020

Hi Debra, both the international and Australian reports go into much more detail on the results and country comparisons. One footnote is: ‘The sum of hours spent on different tasks may not be equal to the number of total working hours, because teachers were asked about these elements separately. It is also important to note that data presented in this table represent the averages from all the teachers surveyed, including part-time teachers.’ The mean for total working hours for Australia is 44.8. This happens to varying extents across different countries - for example, Canada has a mean total of 47 hours, but the separate tasks add up to 54.9 hours, while in Japan it is 56 hours and 57.4 hours, respectively. All of the data, and links to further tables, are available at Thanks, Jo [Editor]

Janelle 24 February 2020

My understanding is that as teachers we are paid for 38 hours a week for 48 weeks year. This equates to approx 45 hours a week during term time.

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