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Infographic: Pre-service teacher preparation

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Authors: Jo Earp
Infographic: Pre-service teacher preparation

In a recent infographic, we looked at data on Principals’ perceptions of the preparation of recent teacher graduates. This follow-up looks at the views of the teachers themselves.

The 2013 Staff in Australia’s Schools survey asked early career teachers to rate how helpful their pre-service teacher education course was in preparing them for different aspects of the role. The areas covered were taken from the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching: Know students and how they learn; Know the content and how to teach it Professional Practice; Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning; Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments; Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning; Engage in professional learning; and, Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community.

When Principals were asked about the preparedness of recent teacher graduates, the areas they were most positive about included ‘Making effective use of ICT’ and ‘Subject content knowledge’, while areas for concern included ‘Supporting students with disabilities’ and ‘Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’.

So, what did the early career teachers think? Find out in this 90 second video infographic.


To access the full report, visit the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) online Research Repository.

What did you find particularly challenging when you started your teaching career and how did you overcome these challenges?

As an early career teacher, are there aspects of the role where you feel you need additional support? Have you raised this with a mentor or senior colleague?

If you’re an experienced teacher, how can you support colleagues who are new to the profession?

Jennifer Bottomley 30 September 2016

As a beginning teacher, I found it difficult to adjust to the demands of the job. Behaviour management was a concern for me and as a mentor teacher who supervises pre-service teachers, I believe it is an integral part of my role to not only model effective behaviour management approaches, but to give my pre-service teacher strong support when classes are difficult. It’s not nice to feel that you have been thrown into the deep end. Some people may ask, ‘How else will they learn?’ but the fact is that many of us needed time and support to become the confident, able practitioners we are today.

Catharine Hydon 21 February 2018

Great to see the data from Primary and Secondary settings - where is the data for early childhood education?

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