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Infographic: Teacher status around the world

Authors: Jo Earp

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Sherill Townsend 28 May 2019

There seems to be a strong correlation between the status of a teacher and the performance of a country when PISA results are published. Australia is not rated in the infographic- correlated with poor PISA results… Just a comment…

Kim Weatherby 28 May 2019

I would have expected to see Finland on this list.

Norah Colvin 28 May 2019

I’m surprised Finland and Germany aren’t there. Weren’t they included in the survey?

Victoria 21 December 2019

How many were surveyed from each country and what were the parameters measured? Teaching is the most highly respected profession in Finland and competition (with a masters degree) to get a job is tough. I’m unsure about a couple of these….

Jo Earp 06 January 2020

Hi Victoria, the source quoted in the infographic will take you to the link for the full Global Teacher Status Index 2018 report (, which has lots of detail, including which countries were included in the study. Thanks, Jo Earp [Teacher, editor]

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