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Infographic: Time spent on homework

Authors: Danielle Meloney

To read the full report - PISA 2012 results: What Makes Schools Successful? (Volume IV) - click on the link.

Andy 05 April 2016

Not an infographic.
It has no graphic impact at all.
It’s a list - and an expurgated one at that.

C&B Education Solutions 05 April 2016

We concur with homework being replaced with after school activities.  We wish to contribute to the conversation and research through our after school enrichment education initiative that focuses on community involvement in STEM education.

Cessil 14 December 2016

John Hattie the smart academic, did reseach that indicated zero and he means zero size effect from doing homework. What a chuckle for the governments to look and respond to. We think they will comment as they have little or no idea what Mr Hattie is explaining.

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