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Room 3: Volume 6

Short articles / Video
Room 3: Volume 6

Once a fortnight the Teacher team ventures down to Room 3 – the basement archives at the Australian Council for Educational Research.

For the first edition of Room 3 for 2018, we’ve delved into a range of texts spanning from 1928 to 1998 and we bring you titbits from some of our favourite historical titles via Facebook and Twitter.

If you happened to have missed some of our Room 3 gems, here's a recap of what's recently been posted online (you can also click on the related articles at the bottom of this article to explore other volumes):

Cunningham, K.S.. Education for Complete Living, Australian Council for Educational Research (1938)

School support for refugee students

‘It is very valuable if teachers could have had some experience in other walks of life besides teaching, because such experience will enable them to give that realistic approach to education which is so sorely needed in our schools.’ (1938)

‘We should pay attention to such matters as art, music, etc., which are too often regarded as mere frills in education, but which, if we can learn anything from the Greeks, are the very foundations of a true education.’ (1938)

‘Never was it more true than to-day that all countries are faced with the same problems of education; this means that in education much can be gained by exchange of views.’ (1938)

‘Progress in education depends upon opportunities for experimentation.’ (1938)

Do you have an old education textbook that you still refer to? What education texts are you currently reading? Facebook or Tweet us a photo or your favourite quote with the author and the year of publication.


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