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World Teachers’ Day: A teacher’s impact can last a lifetime

Authors: Rebecca Vukovic
World Teachers’ Day: A teacher’s impact can last a lifetime

When we reflect on our experience at school, most of us can remember an inspiring teacher that made an impression on us.

The last Friday in October is when Australia traditionally celebrates World Teachers’ Day. Earlier this month, we visited Montmorency Primary School in Melbourne’s northeast to record a very special World Teachers’ Day video.

The Year 1 and 2 students interviewed their grandparents about their most inspiring teacher, their favourite subjects at school, and advice from a teacher that has been useful in later life.

The participants in today’s video are also involved in the Ask Gran Not Google program, an initiative led by aged care provider Feros Care. The program encourages students to think beyond their digital devices and seek answers from elderly citizens in the community instead.


Thinking back on your own experience at school, who was your most inspiring teacher and why?

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Nasreen 26 October 2018

That was so very beautiful and heart warming to watch.  Teaching has to be one of the most fulfilling careers, but maybe good teachers don’t even look upon it as a “career” - rather, more as a moral responsibility that they feel happy to execute. Good teachers are remembered forever.  Hats off to those lovely, wonderful children for doing such a great job of interviewing their grandparents, and to the grandparents for their inspiring responses.
Happy Teachers Day!

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