Mal Lee

Mal Lee is a global leader in researching and documenting the evolution of schooling, the transformational effect of digital technology upon schooling, home-school collaboration, teaching for a networked world, Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) and educational benefits realisation. In conjunction with Roger Broadie (UK), Mal has identified the evolutionary stages that schools globally move through when operating within a digital base.

A former director of schools, secondary college principal, and technology company director, Mal has written extensively in leadership and instructional technology journals, with a regular column in Education Technology Solutions. 

Mal has released eight publications and will release several more during 2014. If you have a question or a comment for Mal, contact him via his Twitter - @Malrlee.

Articles by Mal Lee

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The digital school and enhanced learning

27 Jul 2015

In the final instalment of his six-part series, Mal Lee discusses the impact of digital technology on student learning.

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The complexities of contemporary schooling

17 Jun 2015

Last month, Teacher reported on a study published about the link between school mobile phone bans and student achievement. As a follow-up, Roger Broadie and Mal Lee challenge the findings.

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The importance of BYOT

27 Apr 2015

Mal Lee explains why BYOT is one of the critical phases in the digital evolution, transformation and enhancement of schooling.  

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Digital schools: An evolving ecosystem

23 Feb 2015

Mal Lee zeroes in on the consequences of a segmented school, and explains why school leaders must focus on creating an integrated school ecology based on the digital.

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Digital normalisation

19 Nov 2014

In his latest article, Mal Lee discusses why every school must normalise the use of digital technologies.

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Taking charge of your school’s evolution

13 Aug 2014

If you want your school to grow, the school and its community needs to take charge of that growth.

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School evolution: A common global phenomenon

03 Jun 2014

Mal Lee presents the first of six articles exploring the evolution that occurs when schools leave their traditional ‘paper’ operational base and move to one that is digital.

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