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Rebecca Vukovic is the editorial assistant of Teacher.

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Childhood obesity – what can schools do?

21 Jun 2017

While parents and carers are largely responsible for laying the foundations of lifelong good health in their children, schools also have a unique opportunity to tackle obesity in childhood.

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The best in contemporary school libraries

19 Jun 2017

Innovative library designs were celebrated this evening when St Joseph’s Nudgee College was named the inaugural winner in the schools category of the Library Design Awards 2017.

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Financial literacy – where Australia sits

14 Jun 2017

Australia has performed equal fifth in an international assessment of young people’s financial literacy, according to a report from the Australian Council for Educational Research.


Podcast: Hidden qualities of quality teaching

07 Jun 2017

Nan Bahr delivered the closing keynote address at last month’s EPPC. We share highlights from that keynote, titled ‘Personal attributes: Developing the hidden qualities in quality teaching’.


Behaviour management: Focus on the 95%

31 May 2017

Paul Dix asks educators to shift their first attention away from poor behaving students and instead focus on the behaviour of the 95 per cent of learners who are doing the right thing.

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Global Teacher Prize: David Calle

29 May 2017

A decade ago, Spanish teacher David Calle began uploading videos of simple maths lessons to YouTube to provide students, many of whom can’t afford private tutoring, with additional support beyond the traditional classroom.


Being sensitive when marking student spelling

16 May 2017

It’s important to be sensitive as to why students are making spelling mistakes, rather than simply handing back work covered in red marker, language and literacy specialist Lyn Stone says.

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Exploring themes of ‘luck’ and ‘superstition’

04 May 2017

Themes of ‘luck’ and ‘superstition’ are explored in the EYLF and Australian Curriculum. Little J & Big Cuz begins a conversation around these themes and provides teacher resources.


More wise words on teacher wellbeing

20 Apr 2017

Our annual survey asks: 'If you could share a piece of advice with a fellow educator, what would it be?' Today's infographic features more wise words from Teacher readers on the topic of wellbeing.


Addressing poor spelling habits

18 Apr 2017

Language and literacy specialist Lyn Stone joins Teacher to discuss how educators can address poor spelling habits with senior school students.


Infographic: Cyberbullying and other dangers

12 Apr 2017

In 2016 the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner undertook a national survey of kids, teens and parents, to ask them about their internet use and online practices. Here are some of the findings.

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Future workforce requires broad capabilities

11 Apr 2017

A new Mitchell Institute policy roundtable report says young people are ill-prepared for the future of work and suggests that cognitive, social and emotional skills should contribute to ATAR.

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Parental views on LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum

10 Apr 2017

What should LGBTQ-inclusivity look like in the K-12 curriculum? This was one question in a study aimed at better understanding parental views regarding LGBTQ-inclusive education.


Problem solving through collaboration

04 Apr 2017

Since Eltham High School began using a collaborative problem solving assessment tool to collect meaningful data, they now have a clear idea about students’ skills in both of these areas.


Podcast: Using data to inform planning

23 Mar 2017

Tasmanian teacher Cath Apanah joins Teacher to discuss how her school has been using data to inform its strategic plan and how they went about upskilling staff to use data effectively.

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Making the most of parent-teacher interviews

22 Mar 2017

Kate Perkins discusses the benefits of effective teacher-parent relationships, how to get reluctant parents involved in the classroom, and how to best manage parent-teacher interviews.


How to get students excited about spelling

21 Mar 2017

Language and literacy specialist Lyn Stone joins Teacher to discuss ways teachers can get primary school-aged children excited about spelling.

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Teacher prize recognises the world’s best

20 Mar 2017

The Global Teacher prize awards US $1 million to an exceptional educator who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession. Here, we take a look at those who made the coveted top 10 shortlist.

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Canadian educator wins $1 million prize

20 Mar 2017

A teacher who has spent the last six years working in a fly-in Inuit village in the Canadian arctic has been named the winner of the Global Teacher Prize.

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Educator resources to complement TV series

06 Mar 2017

When Little J & Big Cuz is broadcast in late April, educators will have access to a range of innovative resources to support the transition from home to school for Indigenous children.


Podcast: Improving learning and behaviour

02 Mar 2017

Student disengagement in the classroom is widespread, according to a new Grattan Institute report. We sat down with the report’s co-author Julie Sonnemann to discuss the four school level recommendations that came out of this research.

Short articles

Role modelling breaks down gender barriers

22 Feb 2017

Queensland educator Ricky Sinclair breaks down gender barriers and motivates girls to continue with STEM subjects by introducing them to inspirational female role models who work in IT.


How much time are kids spending on screens?

17 Feb 2017

The Australian Government's Department of Health recommends a maximum of two hours per day of screen time for entertainment for kids aged five to 12, but how many children adhere to these guidelines?


Podcast: The five types of school leaders

09 Feb 2017

Dr Alex Hill, Director of The Centre for High Performance, joins Teacher to discuss why there are five different types of school leaders, but only one type that can turn around a failing school.


Measuring dexterity with this library gem

07 Feb 2017

When digging in the ACER library archives we found the Crawford Small Parts Dexterity Test. In today’s video, editor Jo Earp gives it a go. Let’s see how she compares.

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The effect of student tardiness on learning

01 Feb 2017

Several studies have shown that school tardiness has a negative impact on learning outcomes for both the late student and their classroom peers. Here, we explore the issue.


Research Files: Students fooled by fake news

17 Jan 2017

A new report from Stanford University has found that young people experience difficulties when it comes to evaluating information they find online. Teacher chats with the study's co-author Sarah McGrew.

Short articles / Video

Room 3: Volume 4

13 Jan 2017

Once a fortnight Teacher ventures down to Room 3 – the basement library archives at the Australian Council for Educational Research – to bring you education quotes from yesteryear.


Rewind: Teacher’s podcast highlights for 2016

20 Dec 2016

To mark the end of another fantastic year, the Teacher editorial team have taken a walk down memory lane to share some snippets from their favourite podcasts for 2016.   

Video / Infographics

Teacher’s favourite education quotes in 2016

15 Dec 2016

In today's video infographic, we have selected a sample of our favourite quotes – those that we believe have helped to shape the year and inspire our readers in their classrooms.


Global Education Ep12: PISA 2015 results

07 Dec 2016

The report, PISA 2015: A first look at Australia’s results, doesn’t make for pleasant reading. In today’s podcast, Dr Sue Thomson from ACER joins Teacher to discuss the results.


Global Education Ep11: TIMSS 2015 results

02 Dec 2016

Conducted every four years, TIMSS compares the achievements of Years 4 and 8 students in mathematics and science. Teacher sat down with Dr Sue Thomson from ACER to discuss the Australian results.

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Why it’s important to switch off from work

01 Dec 2016

There may be a very good reason why teachers are feeling so rundown at this time of year. Here, we explore why it’s important for teachers to switch off from work and destress.

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Australian student performance flatlining

29 Nov 2016

Australian results from the first of two major international education studies have indicated Years 4 and 8 student achievement in mathematics and science has flatlined over the past 20 years.

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Celebrating progress – PISA’s success stories

21 Nov 2016

With the latest round of PISA test results due for release in December, we look beyond the top performers since 2000 and take a look at recent success stories.

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The world’s best school architecture

17 Nov 2016

The German School was named the winner of the World Architecture Festival in the Schools – Completed Buildings category. Here, we take a closer look at the innovative project.


Behaviour management: Positive notes

16 Nov 2016

Children are filled with a sense of pride and importance when a teacher sends a positive note home to their parents, behaviour management instructor Paul Dix shares in today's video.

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Designing the schools of the future

10 Nov 2016

To continue with our learning spaces theme this month, Teacher has taken a closer look at the projects up for the ‘Future Projects: Education’ award category at this year’s World Architecture Festival awards.

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Infant simulators and teenage pregnancy

08 Nov 2016

While the infant simulator-based Virtual Infant Parenting (VIP) programme is aimed at helping to reduce teenage pregnancy, research published in The Lancet has found it is having the opposite effect. Teacher chats to the study’s lead author Dr Sally Brinkman.

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Students shine at STEM Video Game Challenge

07 Nov 2016

Students taking part in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge had to design and build an original video game based on STEM concepts. Here, we take a look at the 2016 winners.

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Primary robotics engaging students

02 Nov 2016

Roberts McCubbin Primary School in Melbourne delivers a specialist robotics program to all students. After recent success at the RoboCup Junior Australian 2016 Open Championships, we chat to Robotics teacher Melinda Browne and Principal Marg Pickburn.

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Data walls to target whole school improvement

26 Oct 2016

Catholic schools in Western Australia are drawing upon the expertise of international curriculum consultant Lyn Sharratt to target whole school improvement.

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Supporting school transition

19 Oct 2016

A new television series seeks to support the successful transition from home to school for Indigenous children and their families. The show, Little J & Big Cuz, has been devised, written and directed by Indigenous creatives from across Australia.

Video / Infographics

Educators share advice with their peers Pt 2

18 Oct 2016

Seeking feedback from students, teaching with passion and striving for evidence-based practice are just some of the snippets of advice offered up by educators in this year’s Teacher survey.

Short articles

Students become citizen scientists

05 Oct 2016

This school in Melbourne explains how instead of simply having ‘a cool bit of kit’, they’re using their new drone to engage students in real world science research.


Managing tricky student behaviour

04 Oct 2016

Behaviour management instructor Paul Dix shares five principles of scripted intervention you can follow when navigating challenging classroom behaviour.

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Bringing classroom discussions to life

28 Sep 2016

Robust classroom discussions require careful planning, clear purpose, strong question design, and meaningful connections to ensure they have a lasting impact beyond the classroom.


The Research Files Ep 23: Bias in grading

27 Sep 2016

Are teachers ever influenced by bias when it comes to grading student work? This is the focus of a new report from researchers at the University of New England. Professor John Malouff joins Teacher to discuss the findings.

Video / Infographics

Educators share advice with their peers

21 Sep 2016

Our annual Teacher survey asked readers the question: ‘Looking back on your experience as an educator, if you could share one piece of advice with your peers, what would it be?’ Here’s a selection.

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How are you using Teacher content?

20 Sep 2016

In our annual Teacher survey, we encouraged educators to tell us how they’re using our articles, videos, podcasts and infographics in their role. Hundreds of you shared your insights. Here’s a selection.

Short articles

Visual literacy – questions for your students

31 Aug 2016

This guide, published by UK organisation MESH, poses several pedagogical questions teachers could ask to develop their students’ visual literacy skills.

Short articles

Making science learning meaningful

19 Aug 2016

For National Science Week, students at Cocos Island District High School are taking advantage of their physical environment to conduct their own investigations.


Action Research: Four teachers, 120 learners

03 Aug 2016

Three years ago, Nikki Urlich and her colleagues redesigned the teaching and learning of maths at their New Zealand school. The ‘Modern Maths’ program brings together 120 learners and a team of four teachers in an innovative learning environment.

Short articles

Supporting students on the autism spectrum

02 Aug 2016

Following a two-year study, researchers have built a profile of the educational support needs of students on the autism spectrum.


Infographic: Use of networked technologies

22 Jul 2016

From online videos to digital comics and video games – there are countless different ways teachers can use technology to support their lessons. So how are teachers using networked technologies in the classroom? Find out in this Teacher infographic.


Reader advice: Undertaking action research

12 Jul 2016

Teacher magazine asks three presenters at this year’s Excellence in Professional Practice Conference to share their advice for educators looking to undertake action research in a school setting.

Short articles

How art is drawing students to STEM

06 Jul 2016

To address the decline in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) participation, experts are turning to innovative approaches to engage students in science.

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