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Infographic: Collaborative problem solving

The most recent OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) examines student ability in collaborative problem solving. Today's infographic shows the results from some of the 50+ participating countries.

Infographic: Schools Australia data

The annual Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report on the number of schools, students and staff across Australia has been released. In this infographic, we look at some of the latest figures.

NAPLAN Reading: The achievement spread

Research shows that in Australia the most advanced 10 per cent of students in a year level are about five to six years ahead of the least advanced 10 per cent. This infographic shows approximate distributions of students in NAPLAN Reading.

Infographic: Personal concerns of young Australians

In the 2017 Youth Survey conducted by Mission Australia, respondents were asked how troubled they are by a series of topics. Here are some of the results, which show a particular struggle with mental health.

Infographic: Rates of school attendance

Australia's annual Closing the Gap Report details progress against government targets in the areas of health, education and employment. This infographic focuses on the rates of school attendance, comparing Indigenous and non-Indigenous student groups.

Infographic: Important issues for young people

The latest instalment of Mission Australia's annual Youth Survey reveals mental health is now perceived to be the number one concern for young people aged 15 to 19. This infographic looks at the six issues chosen as most important by 2017 survey participants, and the trends since 2015.

Infographic: Students arriving late to school

The OECD has collected data on student lateness from school systems in countries and economies around the world. Today’s infographic looks at some of the results.

Infographic: Teenage internet piracy behaviours at school

In recent research commissioned by Creative Content Australia, young people aged 12 to 17 were asked about internet piracy behaviours and attitudes. Here are the proportions of survey participants in three different age groups who downloaded or streamed pirated movies or TV shows while at school.

Infographic: Educators share advice on wellbeing

The 2017 Teacher reader survey included the question: 'Looking back on your experience as an educator, if you could share one piece of advice with your peers, what would it be?' Here are some responses on the topic of wellbeing.

Our favourite education quotes in 2017
Our favourite education quotes in 2017

In today's video infographic, we share a sample of our favourite quotes from Teacher magazine articles, podcasts and videos in 2017.

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