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Informing practice with strong evidence

School leaders face numerous challenges on a daily basis. To choose wisely in the face of such challenges, John Bush explores why school leaders should look to high quality evidence to support their professional judgement.

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School connectedness for students on the autism spectrum

Recent research suggests that school connectedness is every bit as important for students on the autism spectrum as for other students.

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Snapchatting in schools – how are school leaders managing issues of cyber bullying and sexting?

Recognising the social impact of Snapchat, a team of researchers from the University of New England’s School of Education conducted a research project to find out more about the ways that the media is used by young people and its influence in schools.

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The potential of games-based environments for learning

Video games have been widely used in education for decades now. The challenge is finding games that engage students while meeting curriculum needs.

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Implementing a cross-curricular approach

The phrase ‘cross-curricular’ is often referred to in schools. David Roy, a Lecturer in Education and Creative Arts, explores why it’s important and how it can be implemented.

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Promoting growth mindset and effort in mathematics classrooms

Associate Professor Jane Mitchell, Associate Professor Sara Murray and Jeffrey Larsen share a feedback strategy to encourage students to make a consistent effort in mathematics class, and to help them see a connection between their effort and achievement.

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Understanding and developing global citizenship

How a new certification process using a developmental continuum is helping school communities define what global citizenship means for them and what it looks like in action.

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Teaching methods: Phonics FAQs

A recent large-scale study explored the benefits of a synthetic phonics program. Here, Dr Jennifer Buckingham addresses seven frequently asked questions about the teaching method.

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Motivated Minds - putting mindset theory into practice

How a collaborative action research project between educators and academics is promoting a growth mindset in students and impacting on learning outcomes.

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Finland – where ‘equality starts at the blackboard’

Tom Stehlik recently spent some time in Finland. Here, he reflects on the Finnish school structure and culture, teacher education programs and processes.

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