The school curriculum: about time

When it comes to the school curriculum, it’s about time we asked a question about time, writes Professor Geoff Masters AO in his latest Teacher column.

Assessment online: informing teaching and learning

Online assessments are capable of providing significantly improved feedback to teaching and learning. Experience in schools is demonstrating the potential of online assessment – provided the foundations are right.

How well are we learning from NAPLAN?

Some Australian schools and school systems have seen greater improvements in NAPLAN results than others. How well do we understand where improvements are occurring and why? Professor Geoff Masters AO discusses.

Promoting long-term learning progress

How well do we help students recognise and reflect on the long-term progress they make at school? Could progress in school mathematics learning be more like progress in music learning? Professor Geoff Masters AO discusses.

Focus on the larger purpose of schooling and improvement may follow

Success in schools may best be achieved not by pursuing it directly, but as a ‘side-effect’ of an unwavering dedication to the larger educational purpose, writes Professor Geoff Masters AO.

20-year slide in maths and science learning

With the release of results from the four-yearly Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Geoff Masters discusses what it will take to lift levels of mathematics and science learning in Australian schools.

A commitment to growth

Students begin each school year at very different stages in their learning and development. Nevertheless, every student should be expected to make excellent progress in their learning regardless of their starting point, Professor Geoff Masters AO writes.

Reform and the senior secondary school

Traditional ways of thinking about learning, assessment and educational qualifications are being challenged. Professor Geoff Masters AO discusses the three challenges that a senior secondary school can expect to face.

Mapping progress – using data for teaching and learning

It’s important to keep in mind that there are three central uses of data in school education. Professor Geoff Masters AO discusses.

Monitoring student growth

In any given classroom, students are likely to be at very different points in their learning and development. Professor Geoff Masters AO explores why it is important for teachers to be able to track the long-term progress that each student makes.

School community