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Research shows that high quality teaching and leadership teams learn from each other - that's why partnering with schools and helping them partner with each other is so important to us. Watch the short video below to find out more.


The Australian Council for Educational Research welcomes you to join the Teacher School Learning Community, a program to support schools to engage with, share and adopt high impact, evidence-based teaching practices.

Why sign up?

For just an annual fee of $149 ($163.90 inc GST), your school will get:

  • A quarterly PD pack to use with all staff featuring articles, infographics, links to related content and further reading;
  • Exclusive Teacher content, fast tracked to your school;
  • Evidence-informed updates to share with parents and families, exploring current teaching and learning issues; and,
  • *Your choice of one of the following PD books, free: Collaboration in Learning, Mal Lee & Lorrae Ward; Keys to School Leadership, Phil Ridden and John De Nobile; What Teachers Need To Know About Assessment and Reporting, Phil Ridden and Sandy Heldsinger.

* International membership (for schools outside Australia) does not include a book choice.


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We look forward to having your school as a member of the Teacher School Learning Community.

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