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Resources: Indigenous financial literacy

Educators working across the school age range can now access a new teaching resource to help them develop the financial literacy skills of Indigenous students.

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Educator resources to complement TV series

When Little J & Big Cuz is broadcast in late April, educators will have access to a range of innovative resources to support the transition from home to school for Indigenous children.

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Australian student performance flatlining

Australian results from the first of two major international education studies have indicated Years 4 and 8 student achievement in mathematics and science has flatlined over the past 20 years.

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Supporting school transition

A new television series seeks to support the successful transition from home to school for Indigenous children and their families. The show, Little J & Big Cuz, has been devised, written and directed by Indigenous creatives from across Australia.

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Culturally relevant STEM teaching

Education researchers and teachers are working together to explore strategies to boost Indigenous student achievement in STEM subjects.


Recruiting and retaining Indigenous educators

Teacher speaks to Peter Johnson about efforts to improve the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators in Australian schools.

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Improving Indigenous attendance

Latest data indicate a 10 per cent attendance gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. What's the role for teachers in improving attendance among Indigenous children?

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Increasing the number of Indigenous educators

An initiative to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers should have its funding extended so that a more targeted approach can be developed in the future, according to an evaluation panel.

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Meeting the needs of Indigenous students

‘If teachers truly embed themselves in the process of becoming culturally responsive they will find that, just like their students, they are always learning.’

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From evidence to action - joining the dots

A new research report says it's time to 'join the dots' and scale up successful examples of flexible learning systems to meet the 21st Century education needs of all Australian school students.

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