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An integrated approach to maths and science

Could some of the strategies being used as a way to get more students into STEM learning actually be making the gap wider? That’s what one maths and science teacher found on a study trip to the US.

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Investigating teacher wellbeing

In part two of our Q&A with educator Renata Grudic, we find out about the tools and strategies being used to help teachers at Sydney’s Northern Beaches Secondary College (NBSC) build their resilience and wellbeing.

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Building teacher resilience

In the first of a two-part Q&A, this New South Wales educator shares what prompted her school's focus on teacher welfare and how they are delivering evidence-based professional development.

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Building strong student-teacher relationships

How often do you provide feedback to students? Now, how often do you ask for it? Student voice is at the heart of a push to build stronger teacher-student relationships at this school.


Action Research: Four teachers, 120 learners

Three years ago, Nikki Urlich and her colleagues redesigned the teaching and learning of maths at their New Zealand school. The ‘Modern Maths’ program brings together 120 learners and a team of four teachers in an innovative learning environment.


Reader advice: Undertaking action research

Teacher magazine asks three presenters at this year’s Excellence in Professional Practice Conference to share their advice for educators looking to undertake action research in a school setting.


Global Education Ep9: Classroom wellbeing

Dr Kevin Anthony Perry talks to Teacher magazine about a collaborative research project exploring classroom wellbeing in Denmark.

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Promoting growth mindset and effort in maths

Associate Professor Jane Mitchell, Associate Professor Sara Murray and Jeffrey Larsen share a feedback strategy to encourage students to make a consistent effort in mathematics class, and to help them see a connection between their effort and achievement.


Collaborations in teaching and learning

Poster presenters at this year’s Excellence in Professional Practice Conference tell us more about their collaborations.

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Putting mindset theory into practice

How a collaborative action research project between educators and academics is promoting a growth mindset in students and impacting on learning outcomes.

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