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Literary texts and pop culture references

Drawing parallels between Othello's choices and those of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars; character stereotypes in Back to the Future. Educator Hedley Willsea explains how pop culture references in English units can help students.

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Integrating game-making into the curriculum

Each year the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge invites students to design and create their own game. Here’s how one school integrated it into their curriculum planning.

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Implementing a cross-curricular approach

The phrase ‘cross-curricular’ is often referred to in schools. David Roy, a Lecturer in Education and Creative Arts, explores why it’s important and how it can be implemented.

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Thinking outside the square

Teacher speaks to four school leaders about taking on staff who've switched careers - and the practical experience they bring to the classroom.

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Using nicknames to liven up language lessons

Academics suggest adolescent nicknaming is a great topic for language analysis lessons that's likely to spark student interest.

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