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Being sensitive when marking student spelling

It’s important to be sensitive as to why students are making spelling mistakes, rather than simply handing back work covered in red marker, language and literacy specialist Lyn Stone says.


Infographic: Australia’s PISA performance

A report on the 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results examines trends in Australia's average performance and the change in the percentanges of students considered 'high' and 'low' performers.

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Assessment in context-based teaching

‘In an applied, investigative, context-based task, much of the learning and achievement of outcomes occurs during the process of undertaking the task.’ 


Creating an 'outstanding' school

Teacher speaks to Professor David Lynch about a five year pilot study that explored the characteristics of an outstanding school.

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Reflections on inquiry project success

‘[Ruby] has been working on this project for many months and comes to each day with a new idea to try, or a new way to achieve something already attempted.' 


Action Research: Peer assessment in Maths

Can peer assessment techniques help improve pass rates and student learning outcomes? According to one educator’s action research, the answer is yes.

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Removing grades from student reports

The traditional A to E report card is a thing of the past at Nossal High School, where grades have been removed to give more targeted and useful feedback to students and parents.

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Developing your assessment skills

Teacher puts three questions to Dr Sandy Heldsinger and Rob Hassell on the topic of assessment.

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Scaling up small changes

‘By adding pockets of change that link firmly to our vision into the timetabled curriculum, assessment reform can become more widespread ...’


Research Files: Masters, Shute and Banerji

Stealth assessment, interactive learning environments and assessing literacy and numeracy. In a special podcast, Teacher provides a snapshot of the keynote speeches from Research Conference 2015.

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