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The effect of student tardiness on learning

Several studies have shown that school tardiness has a negative impact on learning outcomes for both the late student and their classroom peers. Here, we explore the issue.

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Improving Indigenous attendance

Latest data indicate a 10 per cent attendance gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. What's the role for teachers in improving attendance among Indigenous children?

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Raising whole school attendance

A framework with strategies intended to tackle attendance head on has resulted in a measurable increase in student attendance levels at this school.


Time online and attendance and wellbeing

Is there a link between time spent online and wellbeing and attendance? A recent OECD report explored.

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Change through teacher leadership

Initiatives aimed at improving attendance and retention rates in a remote Indigenous school have paved the way for a rise in students interested in pursuing tertiary education and career pathways.

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On track to achievement

As well as improving fitness levels, this school in Western Australia aims to build Indigenous girls’ confidence and leadership skills, and address the problems that they face in day to day life.


The Research Files: Episode 3

This month we speak to Steve Zubrick, who recently carried out research into the link between student attendance and educational outcomes.

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Beyond the gates

A successful program supporting remote Indigenous students in the Northern Territory has proved that tapping into resources and support outside the school gates can improve student outcomes.


And... action!

Four passionate educators elaborate on the findings of their own action research projects.


Student attendance

Why is student attendance important? Take a look at this Teacher infographic.

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