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Behaviour management: Positive notes

Children are filled with a sense of pride and importance when a teacher sends a positive note home to their parents, behaviour management instructor Paul Dix shares in today's video.


Managing tricky student behaviour

Behaviour management instructor Paul Dix shares five principles of scripted intervention you can follow when navigating challenging classroom behaviour.


Research Files Ep 22: Positive relationships

A new study has found that positive teacher-student relationships at age 10 can significantly reduce problem classroom behaviours, and the effects last for up to four years. Teacher talks to lead author Dr Ingrid Obsuth.

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Teaching tips Volume 2: Behaviour management

Our inaugural Teacher survey asked what you'd like to see more of in 2016.  One of the most popular topic suggestions was behaviour management. Here, UK-based behaviour management instructor Paul Dix shares advice to help with tricky situations that may arise in your own classroom.


Preparing teachers for the classroom

In the experience of Australian Principals, how well prepared are recent teacher graduates in relation to areas such as dealing with difficult student behaviour, making effective use of ICT, and subject content knowledge? Find out in today's infographic.

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Teaching tips: Behaviour management

Behaviour management instructor Paul Dix shares some helpful tips for teachers.

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How much does your behaviour policy weigh?

'Most school behaviour policies are a collection of confused and rehashed ideas that barely worked for yesterday’s children, let alone today's.' Paul Dix discusses how to simplify things.

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Behaviour management: Angry children

‘Some children follow rules and boundaries. Angry children follow people first.’ Paul Dix discusses how to manage the behaviour of angry children.

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Behaviour management: Standing together

‘When the adults change, everything changes’. Behaviour management instructor Paul Dix shares advice on how to change a student behaviour issue consistently and calmly.

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Creating a positive school culture

This reader submission focuses on the principal of a school that has experienced a remarkable improvement in graduation numbers, due to sustained change in the school culture.

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