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Infographic: Cyberbullying and other dangers

In 2016 the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner undertook a national survey of kids, teens and parents, to ask them about their internet use and online practices. Here are some of the findings.

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Anti-bullying strategies and their impact

New research explores how Australian schools are addressing issues of bullying and cyber bullying and the perceived effectiveness of the strategies used.


Research Files Ep 22: Positive relationships

A new study has found that positive teacher-student relationships at age 10 can significantly reduce problem classroom behaviours, and the effects last for up to four years. Teacher talks to lead author Dr Ingrid Obsuth.

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Adding value through school partnerships

Forging community partnerships is one way that schools can access external resources and expertise to further support student programs, staff professional learning and parents.

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Managing issues of cyber bullying and sexting

Recognising the social impact of Snapchat, a team of researchers from the University of New England’s School of Education conducted a research project to find out more about the ways that the media is used by young people and its influence in schools.


Research Files Ep 21: Snapchat in education

Teacher talks to University of New England academics Dr Jennifer Charteris and Dr Sue Gregory about their research that looks at the impact of the messaging app Snapchat in education settings, and how schools are responding to issues such as cyber bullying and sexting.

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Building strong, respectful relationships

A clear, transparent line of communication, clear expectations and mutual respect - one principal shares her school's approach to building strong parent and family relationships.

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Bullying – it’s not just limited to students

Compared to the general population, school leaders experience a higher prevalence of violence and bullying, a new survey suggests.


Cyber bullying in Australia

How prevalent is cyber bullying in Australian schools? Take a look at this Teacher infographic.

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Bullying – what does the research tell us?

Traditional bullying is twice as common as cyber bullying among teenagers, according to a new research analysis of 80 studies from around the world.

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