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A guide to programming languages for coding

So, you want to introduce coding in class but with so many programming languages out there how do you choose the one that’s right for your students?


Research Files Special: Professor Tim Bell

In this special episode of The Research Files, Teacher talks to Professor Tim Bell about Computer Science education. He's one of the keynotes at the ACER Research Conference 2016 – his talk is titled 'What's all the fuss about coding?'

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Developing digital technology skills

How one primary school is using a humanoid robot in the classroom to develop digital technology skills, including evaluating and problem solving.

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Teaching and learning with robots

Early research results suggest humanoid robots are providing students with the opportunity to engage in deep learning.

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Developing a nation of innovative thinkers

By including programming in the curriculum, should the aim be to produce a nation of coders? Not so, according to Code Club Australia's Kelly Tagalan.

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Computing, programming and coding in schools

Coding is a hot topic in education. But, as one UK teacher explains, it's not all about sitting in front of a computer.

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