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A guide to programming languages for coding

So, you want to introduce coding in class but with so many programming languages out there how do you choose the one that’s right for your students?

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Integrating game-making into the curriculum

Each year the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge invites students to design and create their own game. Here’s how one school integrated it into their curriculum planning.

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Infant simulators and teenage pregnancy

While the infant simulator-based Virtual Infant Parenting (VIP) programme is aimed at helping to reduce teenage pregnancy, research published in The Lancet has found it is having the opposite effect. Teacher chats to the study’s lead author Dr Sally Brinkman.

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Primary robotics engaging students

Roberts McCubbin Primary School in Melbourne delivers a specialist robotics program to all students. After recent success at the RoboCup Junior Australian 2016 Open Championships, we chat to Robotics teacher Melinda Browne and Principal Marg Pickburn.

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Navigating the challenges of cross-curricular

In the final instalment of our three-part series, educator Leanne Chesterfield discusses the logistical challenges of developing and implementing a cross-curricular framework.

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Planning in a cross-curricular framework

Staff at a Queensland school have developed and implemented a cross-curricular framework. Here, they share examples of topic planning.

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Developing a cross-curricular framework

In this three-part series, a Queensland educator shares how her school developed a cross-curricular framework – including how they approached the task and the impact on staff and students.

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Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset

‘If we cannot teach entrepreneurship, we can only recognise the born entrepreneurs; and get out of their way whilst they get on with the business of change.' Why schools should be sowing the seeds of the start-ups of the future.

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A cross-curricular approach to spelling

‘The ability to spell is without doubt a literacy skill that does span the entire curriculum.’ Peter Westwood discusses a cross-curricular approach to spelling.

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Implementing a cross-curricular approach

The phrase ‘cross-curricular’ is often referred to in schools. David Roy, a Lecturer in Education and Creative Arts, explores why it’s important and how it can be implemented.

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