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Podcast: Using data to inform planning

Tasmanian teacher Cath Apanah joins Teacher to discuss how her school has been using data to inform its strategic plan and how they went about upskilling staff to use data effectively.

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Data walls to target whole school improvement

Catholic schools in Western Australia are drawing upon the expertise of international curriculum consultant Lyn Sharratt to target whole school improvement.


Using data – targeted maths teaching

This secondary school has moved from a one-size-fits-all approach in maths to data-driven, targeted teaching, and it’s paying dividends. Find out more in today’s video.

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School transition through the eyes of a child

How one Adelaide primary school has used Australian Early Development Census data to improve its transition and orientation to school programs.

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Developing problem-solving skills

When Teacher shares examples of how evidence is being used to inform future action it’s usually educators who are doing the analysis and reflection, but in this case it’s students who’ve been digging into school data.

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Developing fine and gross motor skills

How one school responded to local census data highlighting a need to support early childhood development in the area of physical health and wellbeing.


Student wellbeing - Positive Education

'My role as a principal is making certain that we're looking at the whole student.' How one school has embedded a Positive Education program into its curriculum.


School Improvement: Episode 7

Professor Geoff Masters AO and Robert Marshall discuss school improvement, effective assessment and the current grading system.

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Developing your assessment skills

Teacher puts three questions to Dr Sandy Heldsinger and Rob Hassell on the topic of assessment.

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Literacy programs: Getting staff on board

Andrew Nicholls discusses how staff professional development supported the implementation of a literacy program at his school, as well as the program’s impact on student learning outcomes.

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