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Offensive behaviour against school leaders

The 2016 Australian Principal Health & Wellbeing Survey includes prevalence rates of offensive behaviour against school leaders, compared to the general population. Our latest infographic explores some of the results.


Podcast: Professional learning communities

What does an effective professional learning community look like and how do you go about building one? Dr Lawrence Ingvarson discusses the Professional Learning Community Framework (PLCF) he's developed.


Podcast: The five types of school leaders

Dr Alex Hill, Director of The Centre for High Performance, joins Teacher to discuss why there are five different types of school leaders, but only one type that can turn around a failing school.

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Teacher’s bookshelf: Educational leadership

Teacher takes a sneak peek at Professor Stephen Dinham’s new book Leading Learning and Teaching. This extract explores the impact of leadership on student outcomes.

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Infographic: Gender of school leaders

What do you think the gender mix is for school leadership roles? How did it change between 2010 and 2013? Are more women moving into school leadership positions? Find out in this video infographic.

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Leading sustainable school improvement

Why can it be so hard to generate improvement that is sustainable? Robert Marshall discusses.

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Building strong, respectful relationships

A clear, transparent line of communication, clear expectations and mutual respect - one principal shares her school's approach to building strong parent and family relationships.


Leading a school

What are the top three factors that influence an educator’s decision to take on a leadership role? What aspects of the job provide the most satisfaction? Find out in this Teacher infographic. 

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Unleash talent through shared responsibility

‘We ... entrust and empower people to take on and drive improvement in teaching and learning.’ See how adopting a distributed leadership model can help drive innovation.

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Bullying – it’s not just limited to students

Compared to the general population, school leaders experience a higher prevalence of violence and bullying, a new survey suggests.

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