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Research Files: Students fooled by fake news

A new report from Stanford University has found that young people experience difficulties when it comes to evaluating information they find online. Teacher chats with the study's co-author Sarah McGrew.

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Wearable tech giving classroom insights

Wearable tech is being used by researchers in the classroom to gain insights into how the brain learns. We find out about a group learning study and the data collection devices involved.

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Primary robotics engaging students

Roberts McCubbin Primary School in Melbourne delivers a specialist robotics program to all students. After recent success at the RoboCup Junior Australian 2016 Open Championships, we chat to Robotics teacher Melinda Browne and Principal Marg Pickburn.

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Tech reform has good ideas, poorly executed

Andreas Schleicher says the road to education technology reform is littered with good ideas that are poorly executed, and explains why educators need to be involved in innovation.

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Students become citizen scientists

This school in Melbourne explains how instead of simply having ‘a cool bit of kit’, they’re using their new drone to engage students in real world science research.

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Innovation and excellence in education

Each year the WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) Awards give a shout out to projects that have succeeded in addressing educational challenges. Here’s a look at the six winners for 2016.

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Building teacher capacity in robotics

It’s not just students who are benefiting from the robotics program at Grace Lutheran College –  the Queensland college also provides free training to educators from other schools.

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The potential of games-based learning

Video games have been widely used in education for decades now. The challenge is finding games that engage students while meeting curriculum needs.


Infographic: Use of networked technologies

From online videos to digital comics and video games – there are countless different ways teachers can use technology to support their lessons. So how are teachers using networked technologies in the classroom? Find out in this Teacher infographic.


Global Education Ep8: FabLabs and makerspaces

Teacher speaks to New York educator Jaymes Dec about school FabLabs, pop-up makerspaces and the open-source Nerdy Derby.

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