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Teacher review: TinyTap

Melbourne teacher, Lois Smethurst, reviews TinyTap, a free app that takes advantage of touch-screen technology and allows students to make games.

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Equal, fair access

Switching on captions is in this Melbourne school’s policy because, as the principal says, ‘good teaching practice for deaf kids, is good teaching practice for all kids.’


Books for reluctant readers

Teacher ventured to Victoria’s south-east to Dandenong High School and spoke to Maria Papazoglou, Manager of the school’s Learning Resource Centre, about books for reluctant readers.

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Learning spaces: Moving past tradition

When New South Wales principal Natalie Mansour trialled project-based learning (PBL) in her school, she soon realised the 'traditional' classroom needed a revamp.


The Research Files Episode 2: Philanthropy

In Episode 2 of The Research Files, Teacher speaks to Dr Michelle Anderson and Dr Emma Curtin, co-authors of the LLEAP Survey Report 2013.

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A three-way approach to development

As a follow-up to last week’s article ‘It’s all about teacher quality’, we look at the fundamentals of the coaching and mentoring program at Dandenong North Primary School in Melbourne's south-east.

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Celebrating 25 years of language learning

The year 2014 sees the 25th anniversary of ACER's Assessment of Languages Competence program.


The Learning Interaction Classroom

In this month's video, Teacher finds out more about the Learning Interaction Classroom facilities at the Science of Learning Research Centre.


Finding time for teachers

The life of a teacher can be hectic, so what can you do to free up time for development? Take a look at this infographic.


Teacher review – laptop risers

With technology prevalent in society, we need to look closely at the physical aspects of how to use it safely and welcome new accessories into learning spaces. Here, Christine Haynes reviews the laptop riser.

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