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Finding time for teachers

The life of a teacher can be hectic, so what can you do to free up time for development? Take a look at this infographic.


Teacher review – laptop risers

With technology prevalent in society, we need to look closely at the physical aspects of how to use it safely and welcome new accessories into learning spaces. Here, Christine Haynes reviews the laptop riser.

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Vision for 'research-rich' schools

A new report into the role of research in teaching and teacher education has set out a vision to develop research-rich schools and classrooms.

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Early intervention producing gains

Using iPads to collect and track data in real time has helped educators in western Sydney develop an early intervention program for children entering Kindergarten.

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Evan’s story

Education student Suzie Alev tells her story about working with seven-year-old Evan and his family to address the challenges of autism.


The Research Files Episode 1: Brendon Hyndman

This month we find out how bringing everyday items like milk crates and hay bales into primary school playgrounds could boost student fitness.

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Straighten up

Ergonomic awareness and well-designed furniture and school bags can prevent pain, injury and poor posture for students. Rebecca Leech explains.

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Balancing act

Undertaking postgraduate study, particularly a doctorate, is a big commitment, but as Terry Evans explains, there are ways to make part-time study complement your work and home lives.

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Playgrounds, play, sport and injury

Every sport or physical activity carries with it a foreseeable risk of injury, so what should schools do to address that risk. Steve Holden reports.

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Professional learning that informs practice

Research shows that professional learning has a powerful effect on the skills and knowledge of teachers. The tricky question is how to measure the impact of that professional learning on classroom practice and, as a result, on student learning.

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