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Infographic: Pre-service teacher preparation

In a recent infographic, we looked at data on Principals’ perceptions of the preparation of recent teacher graduates. This follow-up looks at the views of the teachers themselves.

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Teacher's Dictionary: Volume 1

Education has its fair share of buzzwords, but have you ever considered their origin? We've teamed up with experts at Macquarie Dictionary for a new regular feature.

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Building teacher capacity in robotics

It’s not just students who are benefiting from the robotics program at Grace Lutheran College –  the Queensland college also provides free training to educators from other schools.


Teaching Methods: Engineering Part 1

Teacher magazine talks to Professor in STEM Education Lyn English about the importance of Engineering in the primary years and resources to support teachers in the classroom.

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Adding value through school partnerships

Forging community partnerships is one way that schools can access external resources and expertise to further support student programs, staff professional learning and parents.

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The potential of games-based learning

Video games have been widely used in education for decades now. The challenge is finding games that engage students while meeting curriculum needs.


Key advice for beginner teachers

When you started out in the teaching profession, what did you find particularly challenging? In today’s video, Melanie Boyd shares three pieces of advice for beginner teachers – including a tip for maintaining a home life free from work tasks.

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Promoting growth mindset and effort in maths

Associate Professor Jane Mitchell, Associate Professor Sara Murray and Jeffrey Larsen share a feedback strategy to encourage students to make a consistent effort in mathematics class, and to help them see a connection between their effort and achievement.


Recruiting and retaining Indigenous educators

Teacher speaks to Peter Johnson about efforts to improve the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators in Australian schools.


Preparing teachers for the classroom

In the experience of Australian Principals, how well prepared are recent teacher graduates in relation to areas such as dealing with difficult student behaviour, making effective use of ICT, and subject content knowledge? Find out in today's infographic.

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