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Classroom observation for teacher improvement

In our latest reader submission, Principal Christine Cawsey AM and Dr Tony Loughland of UNSW discuss key questions around observing a class and giving instructive feedback.

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Building strong student-teacher relationships

How often do you provide feedback to students? Now, how often do you ask for it? Student voice is at the heart of a push to build stronger teacher-student relationships at this school.

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Promoting growth mindset and effort in maths

Associate Professor Jane Mitchell, Associate Professor Sara Murray and Jeffrey Larsen share a feedback strategy to encourage students to make a consistent effort in mathematics class, and to help them see a connection between their effort and achievement.

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Putting mindset theory into practice

How a collaborative action research project between educators and academics is promoting a growth mindset in students and impacting on learning outcomes.

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Student voice and effective teacher practice

When the school leaders at this college set out to develop and extend teaching expertise, they turned to students as the key collaborators.


Triads – one school’s experience

Incorporating triads into the teaching structure of your school.

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Collaboration, feedback and a growth mindset

Teacher explores a project involving academics partnering with school leaders and staff to develop feedback strategies to promote a growth mindset in students.

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Removing grades from student reports

The traditional A to E report card is a thing of the past at Nossal High School, where grades have been removed to give more targeted and useful feedback to students and parents.


The Research Files: Episode 16

We find out about Harvard University's Best Foot Forward project, which is exploring the effectiveness of videoing lessons as a feedback tool in teacher observations. 

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Raising the bar

Mapping learning against a developmental continuum has made it possible to monitor progress and set individual targets at this school.

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