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Integrating game-making into the curriculum

Each year the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge invites students to design and create their own game. Here’s how one school integrated it into their curriculum planning.

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Teaching Methods: Field trips

She’s been called a ‘true rockstar teacher’ – geoscientist Suzy Urbaniak has planned and led 45 Australian and international field trips. Here, she shares her tips in a Q&A with Teacher editor Jo Earp.

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Implementing a cross-curricular approach

The phrase ‘cross-curricular’ is often referred to in schools. David Roy, a Lecturer in Education and Creative Arts, explores why it’s important and how it can be implemented.

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Fieldwork ‘fundamental’ to Geography

Getting students out of the classroom and conducting their own investigations increases engagement and interest in Geography. Therefore, it is important for educators to incorporate fieldwork into their unit planning.


Stimulating learning environments

Why can’t schools be as exciting as Disney World? One principal shares how his school has incorporated stimulating learning platforms that feed students' imagination.

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