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Preschool a time for exploration and mastery

A new report recommends all children in Australia should have access to at least two years of preschool at three-years-old and discusses the elements of a high quality preschool program.


Global Education Ep10: UK Research Schools

In this episode of our Global Education podcast series, we speak to Education Endowment Foundation Senior Research Dr Jonathan Sharples about the UK’s Research Schools Network.

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Supporting school transition

A new television series seeks to support the successful transition from home to school for Indigenous children and their families. The show, Little J & Big Cuz, has been devised, written and directed by Indigenous creatives from across Australia.

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School transition through the eyes of a child

How one Adelaide primary school has used Australian Early Development Census data to improve its transition and orientation to school programs.

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Developing fine and gross motor skills

How one school responded to local census data highlighting a need to support early childhood development in the area of physical health and wellbeing.

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Teaching methods: Phonics

A recent large-scale study explored the benefits of a synthetic phonics program. Here, Dr Jennifer Buckingham addresses seven frequently asked questions about the teaching method.

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Teaching reading with synthetic phonics

Teaching reading through a synthetic phonics programme has long-term benefits for children from poorer backgrounds, a large-scale study has found.

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Early childhood development - the gender gaps

A recent census highlights a continuing gender disparity when it comes to school readiness, with more boys than girls considered 'developmentally vulnerable'.

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The impact of teacher expectations and morale

Teacher expectations and morale have a role to play in tackling low student performance.

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Review: Helping underperforming students

STEM specialist teacher Britt Gow reviews a book that provides research-based strategies for helping underperforming students.

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