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A whole school mentoring program

At Kadina Memorial School, on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, everyone going into a new role is given a mentor – from new graduates who are just joining, to experienced practitioners.

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How to stop teachers leaving the profession

Teacher attrition and retention continues to be a problem for education systems around the world. Two studies published this month in Australia and the UK shed further light on the issue.

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Growing their own

How a joint venture to support pre-service educators is improving teacher retention for Northern Territory schools.


The Research Files Episode 5: John Buchanan

Why might early career teachers consider leaving the profession? What kind of support would encourage them to stay? Find out in the latest episode of The Research Files.

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The answer to teacher shortages

Research suggests we have too many and too few teachers, but where we do have real shortages we need both to retain locally trained teachers and attract them from overseas. Danielle Roddick reports.

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