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Podcast: The five types of school leaders

Dr Alex Hill, Director of The Centre for High Performance, joins Teacher to discuss why there are five different types of school leaders, but only one type that can turn around a failing school.

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Teacher’s bookshelf: Educational leadership

Teacher takes a sneak peek at Professor Stephen Dinham’s new book Leading Learning and Teaching. This extract explores the impact of leadership on student outcomes.


Creating an 'outstanding' school

Teacher speaks to Professor David Lynch about a five year pilot study that explored the characteristics of an outstanding school.

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Unleash talent through shared responsibility

‘We ... entrust and empower people to take on and drive improvement in teaching and learning.’ See how adopting a distributed leadership model can help drive innovation.

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Learning from others: Options to explore

Research shows that learning from other educators is a great way to improve your own practice. Here are a few development options to explore.

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Distributed leadership

What is distributed leadership? What does the evidence say? And, can it work for your school? Professor Alma Harris, an expert in this area, discusses.

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