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Podcast: Professional learning communities

What does an effective professional learning community look like and how do you go about building one? Dr Lawrence Ingvarson discusses the Professional Learning Community Framework (PLCF) he's developed.

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Ongoing professional learning – Lesson Study

For well over a century, lesson study (jugyou kenkyuu) has been an important part of ongoing teacher training in Japan. Teacher finds out more about this collaborative professional learning model.

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Leading sustainable school improvement

Why can it be so hard to generate improvement that is sustainable? Robert Marshall discusses.


Video: Hattie, Gillard, Wiliam and Atwell

To mark World Teachers' Day in Australia, we asked four key figures one question – who was your most inspirational teacher while you were at school, and why?


Infographic: Universal primary education

The theme of World Teachers' Day 2015 is 'Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies'. What are some of the challenges when it comes to staff shortages? Find out in this infographic.

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A Q&A with Nancie Atwell

'The point of the school is to teach children and teachers at the same time.' The winner of the Global Teacher Prize, Nancie Atwell, tells us about the school she founded, student choice and sharing successful approaches with teachers.


Inspiring teachers: Part 1

Four educators tell Teacher about an inspirational teacher that had an impact on them while they were at school. 

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Digital Delivery Day beats F1 noise conundrum

Read about how one school has successfully implemented a Digital Delivery Day in order to solve a very real teaching and learning problem.

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Happy World Teachers' Day Australia

Happy World Teachers' Day, Australia. Watch our special video message and pass it on to a colleague.


Teacher says thank you

In a special video, members of the Teacher team reflect on their own school days and the educators that inspired them. 

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