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Plan to be positive

The positive or negative things we say and do as teachers in the classroom have a great influence on student learning – which is a good reason, says Rob McEwan, to plan for positive attitudes.

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Maintaining a positive school reputation

In this competitive world, it’s vital that you establish and maintain a positive reputation for your school with careful communications planning. Sam Elam and Katrina Byers explain how.

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Mobile learning

Most secondary school students have a mobile phone, and most mobile phones have a camera, MP3 player, video camera and a stopwatch. Jarrod Robinson explains why schools should stop confiscating these amazing pieces of technology, and how phones can be used to engage students in learning.

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Educational neuroscience and practice

The more you know about how the brain works, the better will be your teaching, says David Sousa.

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Linking content to students’ interests

Students of all ages are encouraged to learn by the same favourable classroom conditions, as Stephen Keast and Rebecca Cooper explain.

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Reluctant passengers on the training journey

Effective professional development or training is about skillful teaching, but it’s also about the clever use of new technologies, says Marc Ratcliffe.

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Teaching, and really teaching

Here’s a simple question: what should we be teaching our students in science classrooms that will be of most use them? The answer, as Stephen Keast and Rebecca Cooper explain, is to teach them to think for themselves, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

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Can happiness be taught?

School leader Trevor Lee discusses the benefits of a student wellbeing curriculum.

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