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Make an easy transition into on-task learning

In the second part of this series, Dr Bill Rogers further discusses discipline plans and explains how a teacher can move into ‘on-task’ learning time.

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Calm the classroom storm

In the first of a three-part series, Dr Bill Rogers takes Teacher readers through the importance of a classroom discipline plan.

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Full steam ahead for young entrepreneurs

The Mypolonga Primary School shop on South Australia’s Murray River is an example of how maths and financial literacy skills can be delivered in a practical way.

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Connecting maths to the real world

How can educators better encourage students to see the world through mathematical lenses? Dave Tout explores.

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Taking charge of your school’s evolution

If you want your school to grow, the school and its community needs to take charge of that growth.

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Leading learning in a digital age

The 21st Century challenges leaders to perform in very different ways. Here, find out how some school leaders are embracing the digital age.

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Better than a ‘quick fix’

The SunLit reading program at Sunshine College in Melbourne is designed to cater to students of all abilities and has attracted interest from schools across the country.

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Does A-E grading show individual growth?

Professor Geoff Masters says A to E grading doesn't tell the whole story. Teacher editor Jo Earp sat down with him to discuss possible alternatives.

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Building a professional portfolio

Whatever your role in school and whatever stage you're at in your career, building a professional portfolio can be a valuable tool.

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Reducing mathematics anxiety

Catherine Pearn discusses how to approach maths anxiety in the classroom.

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