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Australian student performance flatlining

Australian results from the first of two major international education studies have indicated Years 4 and 8 student achievement in mathematics and science has flatlined over the past 20 years.

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Teaching Methods: Field trips

She’s been called a ‘true rockstar teacher’ – geoscientist Suzy Urbaniak has planned and led 45 Australian and international field trips. Here, she shares her tips in a Q&A with Teacher editor Jo Earp.

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Classroom observation for teacher improvement

In our latest reader submission, Principal Christine Cawsey AM and Dr Tony Loughland of UNSW discuss key questions around observing a class and giving instructive feedback.

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Celebrating progress – PISA’s success stories

With the latest round of PISA test results due for release in December, we look beyond the top performers since 2000 and take a look at recent success stories.

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The world’s best school architecture

The German School was named the winner of the World Architecture Festival in the Schools – Completed Buildings category. Here, we take a closer look at the innovative project.

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Designing the schools of the future

To continue with our learning spaces theme this month, Teacher has taken a closer look at the projects up for the ‘Future Projects: Education’ award category at this year’s World Architecture Festival awards.

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Infant simulators and teenage pregnancy

While the infant simulator-based Virtual Infant Parenting (VIP) programme is aimed at helping to reduce teenage pregnancy, research published in The Lancet has found it is having the opposite effect. Teacher chats to the study’s lead author Dr Sally Brinkman.

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Students shine at STEM Video Game Challenge

Students taking part in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge had to design and build an original video game based on STEM concepts. Here, we take a look at the 2016 winners.

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Teaching fractions – a piece of cake?

A Queensland study has found that fractions are not only difficult for students to learn, but also difficult for teachers to teach. Teacher editor Jo Earp explores the research to discover why people find fractions so challenging.

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Creating places for learning

November is learning spaces month at Teacher magazine. Here, school designer, education facility planner, researcher and educator Peter Lippman looks at the history of school design and the importance of structure in open and flexible spaces.

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