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The Research Files Ep 23: Bias in grading

Are teachers ever influenced by bias when it comes to grading student work? This is the focus of a new report from researchers at the University of New England. Professor John Malouff joins Teacher to discuss the findings.

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School transition through the eyes of a child

How one Adelaide primary school has used Australian Early Development Census data to improve its transition and orientation to school programs.

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Developing fine and gross motor skills

How one school responded to local census data highlighting a need to support early childhood development in the area of physical health and wellbeing.


School Improvement: Episode 7

Professor Geoff Masters AO and Robert Marshall discuss school improvement, effective assessment and the current grading system.

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Raising the bar

Mapping learning against a developmental continuum has made it possible to monitor progress and set individual targets at this school.

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In conversation: Dylan Wiliam

Schools must work with parents to ensure they receive useful, meaningful information about their child's learning, says Professor Dylan Wiliam.

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Making student growth visible

Setting high expectations, putting faces on the data and making student growth visible to the whole community has helped accelerate literacy learning at this school.


School Improvement: Targeted teaching

Teacher chats to Dr Peter Goss about a research paper highlighting schools and education systems that are starting to do targeted teaching in a more systematic way.

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Understanding changing images of assessment

Fiona Gordon explores how documenting professional learning conversations can help you understand the images of assessment that teachers hold.

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Spotlight on practitioners

Educators from around the world will gather in Sydney next month to share successful approaches that have helped to improve student learning outcomes in school communities.

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