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Podcast: The highs and lows of practicum

An Australian study shines a spotlight on the highs and lows of the practicum experience from the perspective of pre-service drama teachers. Lead author Dr Christina Gray discusses her findings.

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A whole school mentoring program

At Kadina Memorial School, on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, everyone going into a new role is given a mentor – from new graduates who are just joining, to experienced practitioners.


Podcast: Improving learning and behaviour

Student disengagement in the classroom is widespread, according to a new Grattan Institute report. We sat down with the report’s co-author Julie Sonnemann to discuss the four school level recommendations that came out of this research.


Key advice for beginner teachers

When you started out in the teaching profession, what did you find particularly challenging? In today’s video, Melanie Boyd shares three pieces of advice for beginner teachers – including a tip for maintaining a home life free from work tasks.

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Ongoing professional learning – Lesson Study

For well over a century, lesson study (jugyou kenkyuu) has been an important part of ongoing teacher training in Japan. Teacher finds out more about this collaborative professional learning model.


Recruiting and retaining Indigenous educators

Teacher speaks to Peter Johnson about efforts to improve the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators in Australian schools.

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Peer mentoring for STEM students

Students say a peer mentoring program linking their school with a local university has helped make science learning more relevant to the real world. 

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Growing their own

How a joint venture to support pre-service educators is improving teacher retention for Northern Territory schools.


Mentoring and support for new teachers

To what extent are new teachers supported once they are employed in a new school? OECD data provides some interesting insights.

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Mentoring - lessons from Shanghai

What if you had a mentor for your entire career? And, what if mentoring others was part of the job description for every teacher?

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