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Championing maths by inquiry

A new Australia-wide initiative promoting innovative approaches to mathematics teaching and learning that engage and challenge students is on the hunt for hundreds of teacher champions.

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Targeting ‘big ideas’ in mathematics

Professor Di Siemon discusses how targeted teaching in relation to six ‘big ideas’ in number can lift student achievement in mathematics.

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Teaching fractions – a piece of cake?

A Queensland study has found that fractions are not only difficult for students to learn, but also difficult for teachers to teach. Teacher editor Jo Earp explores the research to discover why people find fractions so challenging.

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Innovation and excellence in education

Each year the WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) Awards give a shout out to projects that have succeeded in addressing educational challenges. Here’s a look at the six winners for 2016.


Using data – targeted maths teaching

This secondary school has moved from a one-size-fits-all approach in maths to data-driven, targeted teaching, and it’s paying dividends. Find out more in today’s video.

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Preschoolers and numeracy development

In the second in a series of papers discussing neuroscience, psychology and research Dr Kate Reid explores preschool early numeracy development and how to help foster it.

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The teacher as a facilitator

In the final instalment of his 10-part series on real-world maths, Dave Tout looks at the role of the teacher as a facilitator and resource person.

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Assessment in context-based teaching

‘In an applied, investigative, context-based task, much of the learning and achievement of outcomes occurs during the process of undertaking the task.’ 

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Teaching in context – resources and materials

What resources are needed for teaching in context? Dave Tout discusses.

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Targeting content to skills

‘You need to plan for what might arise, remembering that the range of skills and abilities of the group is likely to be very wide.’ Dave Tout discusses identifying individual maths skills and targeting lessons.

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