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Virtual reality and careers education

Academics believe virtual reality could open up exciting possibilities in the area of careers education, offering authentic learning experiences to prepare students for work and tertiary study.

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Role modelling breaks down gender barriers

Queensland educator Ricky Sinclair breaks down gender barriers and motivates girls to continue with STEM subjects by introducing them to inspirational female role models who work in IT.

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STEM gender imbalance persists

Australia has a gender imbalance in STEM that runs right through primary and secondary school, to tertiary study and into the workplace, according to a new paper from the Office of the Chief Scientist.


Infographic: School completion

A recent study looked at the number of young people in Australia completing Year 12 or equivalent (Certificate III or higher) by the age of 19. Here are some of the findings.


Infographic: STEM workforce and careers

School educators are being encouraged to give students more information about STEM-related careers. So, what are the top occupations of STEM graduates? Find out in this Teacher infographic.

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Equipping students with 'enterprise skills'

Teachers can prepare students for careers by helping them develop 'enterprise skills' such as digital and financial literacy, according to analysis of job ads.

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Exhibitions Part 2: Student involvement

In the second part of our Q&A on staging a successful school exhibition, Kara Blond, Director of Exhibitions at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, takes us through the roles and skills needed to stage and manage an exhibition.

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STEM subjects open up diverse career paths

Encouraging students to continue STEM studies in secondary school and beyond includes giving them information about STEM-related careers.


Global Education: Episode 7

Teacher speaks to Dr Mary Kimani about school support for refugee students from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Preparing students for the workplace

Teacher quality and a lack of project-based learning have been flagged up as the main challenges facing primary and secondary schools by global education experts.

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