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Teacher’s bookshelf: Early years playgrounds

In this extract from Early Childhood Playgrounds: Planning an outside learning environment, Prue Walsh discusses why outside play is important for children with special needs.

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Infant simulators and teenage pregnancy

While the infant simulator-based Virtual Infant Parenting (VIP) programme is aimed at helping to reduce teenage pregnancy, research published in The Lancet has found it is having the opposite effect. Teacher chats to the study’s lead author Dr Sally Brinkman.

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Primary robotics engaging students

Roberts McCubbin Primary School in Melbourne delivers a specialist robotics program to all students. After recent success at the RoboCup Junior Australian 2016 Open Championships, we chat to Robotics teacher Melinda Browne and Principal Marg Pickburn.

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Tech reform has good ideas, poorly executed

Andreas Schleicher says the road to education technology reform is littered with good ideas that are poorly executed, and explains why educators need to be involved in innovation.

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Students become citizen scientists

This school in Melbourne explains how instead of simply having ‘a cool bit of kit’, they’re using their new drone to engage students in real world science research.

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Developing digital technology skills

How one primary school is using a humanoid robot in the classroom to develop digital technology skills, including evaluating and problem solving.

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Teaching and learning with robots

Early research results suggest humanoid robots are providing students with the opportunity to engage in deep learning.

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Using digital tablets in pre-school settings

Touch-screen tablets are not only being used in primary and secondary classrooms, pre-schools are also employing the technology as a literacy learning tool.


The Research Files: Andreas Schleicher

Andreas Schleicher joins Teacher from Paris to talk about the findings of a recent OECD report that explores the impact of technology on student learning outcomes.

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Great tech can't replace poor teaching

Investing heavily in ICT for education doesn't lead to appreciable improvements in student achievement in reading, maths or science, according to a new OECD study.

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