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Designing a whole-school literacy program

One educator discusses the process he undertook when tasked with the job of revamping his school's literacy program.

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Motivation and engagement

How much does student motivation and engagement change over the course of a day, a week, and a month at school? How much does motivation and engagement vary from student to student?

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Sources of teacher stress

What are the common sources of stress for secondary teachers? This research uncovers three central themes, and compares data from Australia and Hong Kong.

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Conversational writing style and engagement

Does adopting a formal or a conversational style in learning materials affect learning processes and outcomes? Three academics discuss.

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Sharing your work - getting published

Teacher contributor Hedley Willsea offers his tips on how fellow educators can share their work with the wider community by getting published.

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Visual learning in English

‘Perhaps the greatest benefit of teaching and learning through pictures is two-fold: imaginations can be primed and personal responses can be triggered as the foundation of a full critical analysis.’

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Creating a positive school culture

This reader submission focuses on the principal of a school that has experienced a remarkable improvement in graduation numbers, due to sustained change in the school culture.

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Reflections from a trip to Finland

Two educators recently embarked on a professional learning journey to Finland. Here, they reflect on the lessons they learned from the Finnish system.

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Books by young people, for young people

An in-school book publishing program is one of the most important motivators in Noosa Pengari Steiner School’s high school English program. Here, Shelley Davidow shares details of the approach, in the hopes to inspire others.

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Mixing literacy with innovation

Two teachers explain how an approach to literacy that incorporates an  in-school book publishing program has contributed to an increase in engagement levels.

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