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How much time are kids spending on screens?

The Australian Government's Department of Health recommends a maximum of two hours per day of screen time for entertainment for kids aged five to 12, but how many children adhere to these guidelines?

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Events in 2017 to help with lesson planning

What is your personal challenge for 2017? What is your organisation’s challenge? Here, we take a look at some significant events that you could use to shape your lesson plans.


Research Files: Students fooled by fake news

A new report from Stanford University has found that young people experience difficulties when it comes to evaluating information they find online. Teacher chats with the study's co-author Sarah McGrew.

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Managing issues of cyber bullying and sexting

Recognising the social impact of Snapchat, a team of researchers from the University of New England’s School of Education conducted a research project to find out more about the ways that the media is used by young people and its influence in schools.


Research Files Ep 21: Snapchat in education

Teacher talks to University of New England academics Dr Jennifer Charteris and Dr Sue Gregory about their research that looks at the impact of the messaging app Snapchat in education settings, and how schools are responding to issues such as cyber bullying and sexting.


Global Education Episode 4: John Burns

Teacher chats to John Burns in China about creating a school social media presence and showcasing teaching and learning via Twitter.


Educators and Twitter: Infographic

How and why are educators using Twitter? New research from the US provides some interesting insights.


Making new connections

Selena Woodward from Flinders University explains how using social media to create networks and connect with peers has influenced her practice.

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Teachers and ICT

How many of your colleagues are using ICT in the classroom? Is social media a commonly used teaching tool in Australia? Find out in today’s Teacher infographic.

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Inside a blended classroom

Three years ago, Kavita Gupta decided to change her method of instruction. Here, she discusses how a three-pronged approach to student engagement has proved beneficial.

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