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Infographic: Out-of-field teaching

A new ACER report looks at the extent to which secondary school teachers in Australia are teaching subjects they haven't specialised in during their studies. It includes data on the proportion of Years 7-10 teachers teaching out-of-field in 20 subject areas.

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New teachers more likely to be out-of-field

Just over one-quarter of Year 7-10 teachers in Australian schools are teaching out of field, with those at the start of their careers more likely to be teaching a subject they haven’t specialised in.

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Computing, programming and coding in schools

Coding is a hot topic in education. But, as one UK teacher explains, it's not all about sitting in front of a computer.

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Thinking outside the square

Teacher speaks to four school leaders about taking on staff who've switched careers - and the practical experience they bring to the classroom.


Teaching out of field

Teachers are at times being allocated to subjects for which they have received no formal education or training. What is the extent of the problem in Australia? Find out in this Teacher infographic.

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Putting ‘wow’ back into science

Working with a science specialist has helped students at this South Australian school see the connections between science and the real world.

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Tailoring learning to the student

This Melbourne school aims to personalise student learning, so staff analyse data and then adjust learning to build on students’ skills, knowledge and understanding.

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