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TIMSS and PISA 2015: Disadvantage an issue

Further analysis of Australian results from two large-scale international assessments highlight a ‘worrying’ decline in the achievement of disadvantaged students.


Measuring dexterity with this library gem

When digging in the ACER library archives we found the Crawford Small Parts Dexterity Test. In today’s video, editor Jo Earp gives it a go. Let’s see how she compares.


Global Education Ep12: PISA 2015 results

The report, PISA 2015: A first look at Australia’s results, doesn’t make for pleasant reading. In today’s podcast, Dr Sue Thomson from ACER joins Teacher to discuss the results.

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PISA 2015 brings more bad news for Australia

The PISA 2015 test results have brought more bad news for Australia’s education system with student performances in scientific, reading and mathematical literacy all in ‘absolute decline’.


Global Education Ep11: TIMSS 2015 results

Conducted every four years, TIMSS compares the achievements of Years 4 and 8 students in mathematics and science. Teacher sat down with Dr Sue Thomson from ACER to discuss the Australian results.

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Australian student performance flatlining

Australian results from the first of two major international education studies have indicated Years 4 and 8 student achievement in mathematics and science has flatlined over the past 20 years.

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Mobile phones in the classroom

Banning mobile phones from schools boosts student performance in high stakes tests, according to a study published by the London School of Economics (LSE).

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Assessment reform and innovation

This month we find out how educators can play a part in assessment reform.


Student perseverance around the world

Are teenage students in Finland more likely to persevere with a problem than their counterparts in Australia? What about students in Shanghai or the US? Take a look at this Teacher infographic.

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Australian teens are up for a challenge

The results of a new international study indicate that Australian teenagers are more likely to persevere in problem-solving. 

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