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Teacher wellbeing – making staff feel valued

'It is important that staff feel valued and a sense of belonging.' In this Q&A, Therese Joyce shares some of the strategies being used to support staff wellbeing at her school.


More wise words on teacher wellbeing

Our annual survey asks: 'If you could share a piece of advice with a fellow educator, what would it be?' Today's infographic features more wise words from Teacher readers on the topic of wellbeing.


Infographic: Wise words on teacher wellbeing

The 2016 Teacher reader survey includes the question: "Looking back on your experience as an educator, if you could share a piece of advice with your peers, what would it be?" Here are some of our favourite responses so far on the topic of wellbeing.

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Social and emotional learning in schools

Principals, teachers, and the public are increasingly recognising the importance of teaching social and emotional skills to students alongside academic skills.

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Motivation and engagement

How much does student motivation and engagement change over the course of a day, a week, and a month at school? How much does motivation and engagement vary from student to student?

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Read and ride

Scott Ertle was riding an exercise bike while reading a magazine when it struck him that combining pedal power with page turning may help students enjoy reading.


Research Files Episode 12: Dr Chris Harvey

Teacher speaks to Dr Chris Harvey about a year-long study exploring whether starting the school day later has an impact on student achievement levels.

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On track to achievement

As well as improving fitness levels, this school in Western Australia aims to build Indigenous girls’ confidence and leadership skills, and address the problems that they face in day to day life.

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Legal matters: Intervention orders

Staff at one Victorian school told Teacher they would like to know more about intervention orders, so we asked two lawyers from the state give a brief overview.


Finding time for teachers

The life of a teacher can be hectic, so what can you do to free up time for development? Take a look at this infographic.

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