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Podcast: Using data to inform planning

Tasmanian teacher Cath Apanah joins Teacher to discuss how her school has been using data to inform its strategic plan and how they went about upskilling staff to use data effectively.


Infographic: Enjoyment of writing and reading

The National Literacy Trust (UK) annual literacy survey asks eight- to 18-year-olds about writing frequency and their enjoyment of writing. Here are some of the results and comparisons with the Trust's data on reading.

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Do students enjoy writing?

Like reading for pleasure, an enjoyment of writing has been linked to higher student achievement, but new data from the UK show children and young people’s enjoyment of writing is declining.

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Literacy programs: Getting staff on board

Andrew Nicholls discusses how staff professional development supported the implementation of a literacy program at his school, as well as the program’s impact on student learning outcomes.


Formats of writing outside school

What do children and young people most commonly write outside school time? The National Literacy Trust UK recently explored.

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Designing a whole-school literacy program

One educator discusses the process he undertook when tasked with the job of revamping his school's literacy program.

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Writing skills and employability

New research from the National Literacy Trust UK shows that a large percentage of children and young people don't see a connection between good writing skills and employability.

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Writing for a real audience

How much more engaged, motivated and invested in the task would your students be if they knew they were writing for a real audience, for a reader other than the teacher?

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Conversational writing style and engagement

Does adopting a formal or a conversational style in learning materials affect learning processes and outcomes? Three academics discuss.

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Collaboration in teaching writing skills

A focus on developing student writing skills shouldn't just be confined to the English classroom - this school is using a team teaching approach across three subject areas.

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