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Infographic: Principal wellbeing – Sources of stress and support

The latest Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey reveals 19 sources of stress for school leaders. In this infographic, we look at the top 10 sources of stress reported by school leaders, and their top 5 sources of support.

Infographic: Teenage career expectations over time

A new report from the OECD explores the career aspirations of 15-year-olds from across the world. In this infographic, we look at the percentage of boys and girls expecting to work in one of the 10 most commonly cited jobs when they are 30 years old, and how their career choices have changed over time.

Lessons from delivering learning online
Lessons from delivering learning online

Staff at Ringwood Secondary College in Victoria have learned a lot since students began learning from home. Here, we speak to principal Michael Phillips about the aspects of remote learning that have resulted in positive outcomes for staff collaboration and student engagement.

Infographic: Wise words on professional development

Each year in our reader survey, we ask you: ‘looking back on your experience as an educator, if you could share one piece of advice with your peers, what would it be?’ In this infographic, we take a look at some of your responses on the topic of professional development.

The impact of digital technology on student learning and wellbeing
The impact of digital technology on student learning and wellbeing

The amount of time children and teenagers are spending on digital technology inside and outside school is having a significant impact on their classroom learning, and physical and mental wellbeing, according to teacher and principal data from an Australian research study.

Infographic: Closing the Gap Report 2020

Australia’s annual Closing the Gap Report communicates progress towards government targets for Indigenous Australians in areas like education, health and employment. In this infographic, we take a look at results detailed in the 2020 report related to education targets. 

Infographic: Principals’ working time

The latest cycle of the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS 2018) asked principals in Australia about the time they allocated to various tasks throughout the year, including curriculum-and teaching-related tasks and meetings, administrative tasks and meetings, and student interactions. This infographic takes a look at the results.

Infographic: Child online safety

Results of a cyber safety survey conducted over three years with respondents from 30 different countries have recently been released. DQ Institute surveyed 145 426 children and adolescents on issues related to cyber safety to assess which countries are considered safest.

Infographic: Sleep and schoolwork

A new Health Behaviour in School Aged Children study offers insights into the lives of 11- to 15-year-olds in England. Our latest infographic looks at the proportions of young people who reported not having enough sleep to be able to concentrate on their schoolwork, and how the figures have changed since 2014.

Infographic: A teacher’s weekly workload

The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS 2018) asked teachers about their working hours. Today’s infographic shows how the weekly workload – including evenings and weekends – for teachers in Australia is split between different tasks.

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