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Infographic: Offensive behaviour against school leaders

Authors: Jo Earp

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Debbie Zita 02 May 2017

This is alarming and indicates that changes need to be made to protect school leaders.

Donna 02 May 2017

Leadership in our schools is a job that is becoming increasingly more and more difficult due to the pressures that are faced as well as the hostility and harassment and abuse. One significant concern is that a lot of the discussion around this very important issue involves Principals and rarely is there mention of Deputy Principals. Society and the wider community need to be aware that more than 50 percent of respondents in these surveys are the Deputies in our schools. They are also subjected to these horrible events daily, they are often the hidden leaders, the work horses and many give a lot of dedication to running and managing our schools. Please don’t forget them, in seeking support and resolution to these horrible circumstances, they too need support.

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